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English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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P. and V. θεός, ὁ, δαίμων, ὁ.

providence: P. and V. τὸ θεῖον.

by the will of the gods or by the help of the gods: Ar. and V. θεόθεν (Eur., Hec. 593).

fight against the gods, v.: V. θεομαχεῖν.

battle between gods, subs.: P. θεομαχία, ἡ.

built by gods, adj.: V. θεόδμητος.

devised by the gods: V. θεοπόνητος.

loved by God: P. and V. θεοφιλής.

sent by God: V. θεόσσυτος, θέορτος, θεήλατος.

Dutch > Greek

god = δαίμων

(Translation based on the reversal of Mijnwoordenboek's Ancient Greek to Dutch dictionary)