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P. and V. στερεός, Ar. and V. στερρός.

thick: P. and V. πυκνός.

hard (of ground): P. and V. στερεός, V. στυφλός, P. στέριφος; see hard.

of solid silver: V. πανάργυρος (Soph., Frag.).

compact: P. εὐπαγής.

secure: P. and V. βέβαιος.

the ice had not frozen solid: P. κρύσταλλος ἐπεπήγει οὐ βέβαιος (Thuc. 3, 23).

united: P. and V. ἁθρόος.

of geometrical figures: P. στερεός.

Met., secure, firm: P. and V. βέβαιος, ἀσφαλής, V. ἔμπεδος.