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v. trans.

P. ἐνσημαίνεσθαι (τί τινι), P. and V. ἐπισημαίνειν (or mid.) (τι).

Stamp a mark on: P. χαρακτῆρα ἐπιβάλλειν (dat.).

Stamp on the mind: see impress.

Stamp money: Ar. κόπτεσθαι.

Brand: Ar. and P. στίζειν.

Stamp with approval: P. ἐπισημαίνεσθαι, or use P. and V. ἐπαινεῖν.

Strike (with noise): P. and V. κρούειν.

Stamp the feet: Ar. κτυπεῖν τοῖν ποδοῖν.

Stamped down, trodden down: use adj., V. στιπτός, P. ἀπόκροτος.


Impression: P. and V. χαρακτήρ, ὁ, τύπος, ὁ.

Stamp on a coin: P. and V. χαρακτήρ, ὁ, Ar. κόμμα, τό.

That on which something is stamped: P. ἐκμαγεῖον, τό.

He seems to be a man of inferior stamp: Ar. ἔοικε δʼ εἶναι τοῦ πονηροῦ κόμματος (Pl. 862).