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English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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Underground room: P. οἴκησις κατάγειος, ἡ, V. κατῶρυξ, ἡ.

Hiding-place: V. κευθμών, ὁ.

Cave: P. σπήλαιον, τό (Plat.); see cave.

Crypt: V. ψαλίς, ἡ (in Plat., Legg. 947D, the reading is doubtful).

Arch: P. ἁψίς, ἡ (also Ar., Thesm. 53 in metaphorical sense).

The vault of heaven: P. ἡ ὑπουράνιος ἁψίς (Plat., Phaedr. 247B). V. οὐρανοῦ ἀναπτυχαί, αἱ (Soph., Frag.), or use Ar. and V. κύκλος, ὁ.

Tomb: see tomb.

Leap: see leap.

v. trans.

Leap over: Ar. ὑπερπηδᾶν (acc.), Ar. and P. διαπηδᾶν (acc. or absol.), V. ὑπερθρώσκειν (acc. or gen.).

V. intrans. leap: P. and V. πηδᾶν (Plat.), ἅλλεσθαι (Plat.), V. θρώσκειν, ἐκθρώσκειν; see leap.