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Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει → Everything flows and nothing stands still
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Full diacritics: πάρφασις Medium diacritics: πάρφασις Low diacritics: πάρφασις Capitals: ΠΑΡΦΑΣΙΣ
Transliteration A: párphasis Transliteration B: parphasis Transliteration C: parfasis Beta Code: pa/rfasis

English (LSJ)

poet. for παράφασις.

German (Pape)

[Seite 529] ἡ, ep. statt παράφασις, Il. 14, 217.

French (Bailly abrégé)

poét. c. παράφασις.

English (Autenrieth)

(παράφημι): persuasion, allurement, Il. 14.317†.

English (Slater)

πάρφᾰσις misrepresentation ἐχθρὰ δ' ἄρα πάρφασις ἦν καὶ πάλαι, αἱμύλων μύθων ὁμόφοιτος δολοφραδής, κακοποιὸν ὄνειδος (N. 8.32)

Greek Monolingual

-άσεως, ή, Α
(ποιητ. τ.) βλ. παράφασις (Ι).

Greek Monotonic

πάρφᾰσις: -φασία, ποιητ. αντί παράφασις, -φασία.

Russian (Dvoretsky)

πάρφᾰσις: εως ἡ эп. = * παράφασις.