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τύμβος, ὦ νυμφεῖον, ὦ κατασκαφής οἴκησις αἰείφρουρος, οἷ πορεύομαι πρὸς τοὺς ἐμαυτῆς -> Tomb, bridal chamber, eternal prison in the caverned rock, whither I go to find mine own.
Sophocles, Antigone, 883

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Be, v.

P. and V. γίγνεσθαι, γεννᾶσθαι, φύεσθαι, V. βλαστάνειν, ἐκφύεσθαι, ἐκγίγνεσθαι.

Be born before: V. προφῦναι (2nd aor. of προφύεσθαι) (Soph., Aj. 1291).