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verb transitive

P. and V. εὐφραίνειν, τέρπω, τέρπειν, ax. and V. προσγελᾶν; (Aesch., Eum. 253).

please: P. and V. ἀρέσκειν; (dat. or acc.), Ar. and V. ἁνδάνειν; (dat.), V. προσσαίνειν, Ar. προσίεσθαι.

delight in: P. and V. ἥδεσθαι; (dat.), χαίρω, χαίρειν (dat., or ἐπί, dat.), τέρπεσθαι (dat.), εὐφραίνεσθαι (dat.), ἀγάλλεσθαι (dat.) (rare P.).

gloat over: P. and V. γεγηθέναι ἐπί (dat.) (Dem. 332, and Plato but rare P.), ἐπιχαίρειν (dat.); see gloat over.

delight in (doing a thing): P. and V. ἥδεσθαι; (part.), χαίρω, χαίρειν (part.).


P. and V. ἡδονή, ἡ, τέρψις, ἡ, χαρά, ἡ, V. χαρμονή, ἡ (Plato also but rare P.), χάρμα, τό.

cheerfulness: P. and V. εὐθυμία, ἡ (Xen.).

concretely, of a person: V. χάρμα, τό, χαρμονή, ἡ.

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