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P. and V. αἴτιος. Blood-guilty: P. εναγής, V. προστρόπαιος (rare P.), παλαμναῖος, μιαιφόνος. Criminal, wicked: P. and V. ἄδικος, κακός, ἀνόσιος, κακοῦργος, παράνομος (Eur., Med. 1121). Disgraceful: P. and V. αἰσχρός. Guilty of: P. and V. αἴτιος (gen.), ἐπαίτιος (gen.). The guilty man: P. and V. ὁ ἀδικῶν, ὁ δρῶν, ὁ δράσας. Partly guilty: see accessory. Wholly guilty: V. .παναίτιος. Find guilty, convict, v.: P. and V. αἱρεῖν, ἐλέγχειν, ἐξελέγχειν. Condemn: P. and V. αἱρεῖν, καθαιρεῖν. Be found guilty: P. and V. ἁλίσκεσθαι.