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Μολὼν λαβέ -> Come and take them
Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica 225C12

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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Attention: P. and V. ἐπιστροφή, ἡ. Respectful treatment: P. θεράπεια, ἡ. Public warning: P. πρόρρησις, ἡ. Give public notice of, v.: Ar. and P. προγράφειν (acc.). Proclamation, subs.: P. and V. κήρυγμα, τό. Give notice, v.: P. and V. κηρύσσειν; see proclaim. Escape notice (of): P. and V. λανθάνειν (acc. or absol.), P. διαλανθάνειν (acc. or absol.), V. λήθειν (acc. or absol.). Take notice of: see notice. Pay respects to Ar. and P. θεραπεύειν (acc.). Take no notice of: see disregard. At short notice, off hand: P. and V. φαύλως, P. ἐξ ὑπογυίου. Attacks are made at short notice: P. ἐξ ὀλίγου . . . ἐπιχειρήσεις γίγνονται (Thuc. 2, 11). v. trans. Observe, perceive: P. and V. μανθάνειν, αἰσθάνεσθαι (acc. or gen.), ἐπαισθάνεσθαι (acc. or gen.), γιγνώσκειν, P. καταμανθάνειν; see perceive. Mark: P. and V. νοῦν ἔχειν πρός (acc. or dat.), ἐννοεῖν (or mid.), νοεῖν (or mid.), Ar. and P. προσέχειν (dat.), προσέχειν τὸν νοῦν (dat.), P. κατανοεῖν. Absol., P. and V. ἐνδέχεσθαι. Heed: P. and V. ἐπισκοπεῖν (acc.), ἐπιστέφεσθαι (gen.), φροντίζειν (gen.); see heed. Treat with respect: Ar. and P. θεραπεύειν (acc.).