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duty: Ar. and P. τέλος, τό.

tribute: Ar. and P. φόρος, ὁ, P. and V. δασμός, ὁ (rare P.).

property-tax: Ar. and P. εἰσφορά, ἡ.

pay property-tax, v.; P. εἰσφέρειν.

join in paying a property-tax: P. συνεισφέρειν.

verb transitive

P. φόρον ἐπιτάσσειν (dat.).

Met., exercise: P. and V. γυμνάζειν. Use

up: P. and V. ἀναλίσκειν.

question, accuse: P. and V. ἐλέγχειν, ἐξελέγχειν.

tax with: P. and V. αἰτιᾶσθαί (τινά τινος), ἐπαιτιᾶσθαί (τινά τινος); see accuse.

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

tax: an onomatopee, expressing the sound of blows, Engl.
I whack: tax tax tergo meo erit: non curo, my back will get whack, whack, Plaut. Pers. 2, 3, 12 (Ritschl reads tuxtax).

Latin > French (Gaffiot 2016)

tax, v. tuxtax.

Latin > German (Georges)

tax, s. tuxtax.