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Ἀλλ’ ἐσθ’ ὁ θάνατος λοῖσθος ἰατρός κακῶν -> But death is the ultimate healer of ills
Sophocles, Fragment 698

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something asked: P. ἐρώτησις, ἡ, ἐρώτημα, τό, ἐπερώτησις, ἡ, ἐπερώτημα, τό.

cross question: P. and V. ἔλεγχος, ὁ.

subject under discussion: P. and V. λόγος, ὁ.

that would have been quite another question: P. ἄλλος ἂν ἦν λόγος (Dem. 986, cf. 240).

divert from the question: P. ἀπάγειν ἀπὸ τῆς ὑποθέσεως (Dem. 416).

the case in question: P. τὸ προκείμενον.

point at issue: P. and V. ἀγών, ὁ.

it is not question of gallantry but of salvation: P. οὐ περὶ ἀνδραγαθίας ὁ ἀγὼν… περὶ δὲ σωτηρίας (Thuc. 5, 101).

it is now no question of words but of your life: V. λόγων γὰρ οὐ νῦν ἐστιν ἁγὼν ἀλλὰ σῆς ψυχῆς πέρι (Soph., Electra 1491).

difficulty: P. and V. ἀπορία, ἡ.

suspicion: P. and V. ὑπόνοια, ἡ, ὑποψία, ἡ.

call in question, suspect, v.: P. and V. ὑποπτεύειν; see also mistrust.

doubt: P. ἀμφισβήτησις, ἡ.

be called in question, be doubted, v.: P. ἀμφισβητεῖσθαι.

legal case: P. and V. ἀγών, ὁ, δίκη, ἡ, V. κρῖμα, τό.

put the question, v.: Ar. and P. ἐπερωτᾶν.

put the question to the vote: P. ἐπιψηφίζειν.

verb transitive

P. and V. ἐρωτᾶν, ἐρέσθαι (2nd aor.), ἀνερωτᾶν, ἐπερέσθαι (2nd aor.), Ar. and P. ἐπερωτᾶν, V. ἱστορεῖν, ἀνιστορεῖν, ἐξιστορεῖν, ἐξερωτᾶν, ἐξερέσθαι (2nd aor.); see ask.

cross examine: P. and V. ἐλέγχειν, ἐξελέγχειν.

suspect: P. and V. ὑποπτεύειν.

distrust: P. and V. ἀπιστεῖν (acc. of thing; dat. of person).

verb intransitive

be perplexed: P. and V. ἀπορεῖν, ἀμηχανεῖν (rare P.).