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Pindar, Pythian 8.95f.

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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P. and V. οὕτω, οὕτως, ὧδε, ταύτῃ, τῇδε, Ar. and P. οὑτωσί, ὡδί.

not even thus: P. and V. οὐδ' ὥς, μηδ' ὥς.

even thus: P. καὶ ὥς.

but let it be thus: V. ἀλλ' ὣς γενέσθω (Eur., Troades 721; Iphigenia in Tauris 603).

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Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

thūs: thūris, v. tus.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

thūs, v. tus.

Latin > German (Georges)

thūs, Thusculum, s. tūs, 2. Tūsculum.

Latin > English

thus thuris N N :: frankincense