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Ἓν οἶδα, ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα –> I know only one thing, that I know nothing | all I know is that I know nothing.
Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers, Book 2 sec. 32.

French (Bailly abrégé)

adv. et prép.
I. adv. 1 au-dessous;
2 particul. sous terre, dans les enfers;
II. prép. au-dessous de, gén..
Étymologie: ὑπό, ἔνερθεν.

English (Autenrieth)

beneath, below, underneath; opp. καθύπερθεν, Od. 10.353; w. gen., Il. 2.150, Od. 3.172; ‘in the nether world, ’ Il. 3.278.