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English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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v. trans.

P. and V. ἀνύτειν, κατανύτειν, πράσσειν, διαπράσσειν (or mid. in P.), ἐργάζεσθαι, κατεργάζεσθαι, περαίνειν, διαπεραίνειν, τελεοῦν (V. τελειοῦν), P. ἐπιτελεῖν, ἀποτελεῖν, V. ἐξανύτειν, τελεῖν (rare P.), τελευτᾶν, ἐκτελευτᾶν, ἐκπράσσειν. ἐκπεραίνειν; see also end. V. intrans. Come to an end: P. and V. τέλος ἔχειν, τέλος λαμβάνειν, τελευτᾶν, V. ἐκτελευτᾶν; see also end, cease. Finish off: Ar. and P. ἀπεργάζεσθαι; met., see kill, destroy. Finish up: Ar. and P. ἀπεργάζεσθαι. When they remained to finish up the work: P. παραμεινάντων ἐκείνων πρὸς τὰ ὑπόλοιπα τῶν ἔργων (Thuc. 3, 10). subs. P. and V. τέλος, τό, τελευτή, ἡ, πέρας, τό, καταστροφή, ἡ (Thuc.). Finishing touch: see finishing. Perfecting: P. ἀπεργασία, ἡ. Fight to the finish, v. intrans.: P. and V. διαμάχεσθαι.

Dutch > Greek

finish = βαλβίς

(Translation based on the reversal of Mijnwoordenboek's Ancient Greek to Dutch dictionary)