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At the present moment: P. and V. νῦν, τὸ νῦν, τὰ νῦν, νυνί (Eur., Supp. 306, but rare V. also Ar.). Just now: P. and V. νῦν, ἄρτι, ἀρτίως, νέον, νεωστί; see under just. Already: P. and V. ἤδη. As things are: P. and V. νῦν. Now . . . then: Ar. and P. τότε μέν . . . τότε δέ, ποτὲ μέν . . . ποτὲ δέ, P. and V. τότε . . . ἄλλοτε. Now and then, sometimes: P. ἔστιν ὅτε, P. and V. ἐνίοτε (Eur., Hel. 1213), V. ἔσθʼ ὅτε. Till now: see hitherto. As connecting particle: P. and V. οὖν, μὲν οὖν, γαρ. Come now: P. and V. φέρε, φέρε δή, ἄγε, εἶα, εἶα δή.