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P. and V. εἰρήνη, ἡ. If any one makes peace for you: P. ἐάν τις ὑμῖν τὴν εἰρήνην πράσσει (Andoc. 28). Of peace, adj.: Ar. and P. εἰρηνικός. Make peace: P. εἰρήνην ποιεῖσθαι, καταλύεσθαι (absol.). Keep peace: P. and V. εἰρήνην ἄγειν. Truce: P. and V. σπονδαί, αἱ. Make peace with: P. and V. σπένδεσθαι (dat.), P. καταλύεσθαι (dat.), συναλλάσσεσθαι (dat.). Supporters of peace at any price: P. οἱ ἀπράγμονες. Quiet: Ar. and P., ἡσυχία, ἡ. Calm: P. and V. γαλήνη, ἡ (Plat.), εὐδία, ἡ. I see peace after the storm: V. ἐκ κυμάτων γὰρ αὖθις αὖ γαλήνʼ ὁρώ (Eur., Or. 279). Be at peace, v.: P. and V. ἡσυχάζειν. In peace, untroubled: use adj., P. and V. ἥσυχος, ἡσυχαῖος, V. ἕκηλος. Silence: P. and V. σιγή, ἡ, σιωπή, ἡ. Hold one's peace, v: P. and V. σιγᾶν, σιωπᾶν. interj. P. and V. σίγα, σιώπα, V. σῖγα, ἔα, ἔασον. Abstain from evil words: P. and V. εὐφήμει, V. εὔφημα φώνει.