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P. κόλασις, ἡ, P. and V. τιμωρία, ἡ, τίσις, ἡ (Plat.), ζημία, ἡ. Chastening: P. and V. νουθέτησις, ἡ, νουθέτημα, τό. Penalty: P. and V. ζημία, ἡ, τίσις, ἡ (Plat.), ἐπιτίμιον, τό, or pl., V. ποινή, ἡ. or pl. (rare P.), ἄποινα, τά (rare P.), ἀντίποινα, τά; see penalty. She vows to inflict death as a punishment for my being brought hither: V. ἐπεύχεται ἐμῆς ἀγωγῆς ἀντιτίσεσθαι φόνον (Aesch., Ag. 1262).