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Φιλοκαλοῦμέν τε γὰρ μετ' εὐτελείας καὶ φιλοσοφοῦμεν ἄνευ μαλακίας -> Our love of what is beautiful does not lead to extravagance; our love of the things of the mind does not makes us soft.
Τhucydides, 2.40.1

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Rest, as opposed to motion: P. στάσις, ἡ. Calm: Ar. and P, ἡσυχία, ἡ, V. τὸ ἡσυχαῖον. Peace: P. and V. γαλήνη, ἡ (Plat.), εὐδία, ἡ. Respite: P. and V. παῦλα, ἡ, ἀνάπαυλα, ἡ; see respite. Sleep: P. and V. ὕπνος, ὁ. v. trans. Make to recline: Ar. and P. κατακλίνειν, P. and V. κλίνειν. Make to rest: P. and V. ἀναπαύειν. Place: see place. Repose confidence in: P. and V. πίστιν ἔχειν (dat.). V. intrans. Lie down: Ar. and P. κατακλίνεσθαι. Be quiet: P. and V. ἡσυχάζειν. Rest: P. and V. ἀναπαύεσθαι. Sleep: P. and V. καθεύδειν; see sleep.