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P. and V. τόπος, ὁ, χώρα, ἡ, Ar. and P. χωρίον, τό, Ar. and V. χῶρος, ὁ.

town, fortified place: P. χωρίον, τό.

position, site: P. θέσις, ἡ.

change places, v.: P. διαμείβεσθαι τὰς χώρας (Plato).

if only thirty votes had changed places I should stand acquitted: P. εἰ τριάκοντα μόναι μετέπεσον τῶν ψήφων ἀπεπεφεύγη ἄν (Plato, Republic 36A).

keep in one's place: P. μένειν κατὰ χώραν.

your curl has fallen out of its place: V. ἀλλ' ἐξ ἕδρας σοὶ πλόκαμος ἐξέστηχ' ὅδε (Euripides, Bacchae 928).

give place, v.: see yield.

till night give place to day: V. ἕως ἂν νὺξ ἀμείψηται φάος (Euripides, Rhesus 615).

take place, happen: P. and V. τυγχάνειν, συντυγχάνειν, συμβαίνειν, γίγνομαι, γίγνεσθαι, συμπίπτειν; see happen.

rank: P. and V. τάξις, ἡ. ἀξίωμα, τό.

appointment office: P. and V. τάξις, ἡ.

duty, task: P. and V. ἔργον, τό. P. τάξις, ἡ.

it is your place to: P. and V. σόν ἐστι (infin.), προσήκει σε or προσήκει σοί (infin.).

out of place: use inconvenient.

it is not out of place to ask: V. πυθέσθαι οὐδὲν ἐστ' ἔξω δρόμου (Aesch., choe. 514).

passage in a book: P. λόγος, ὁ.

in place of: P. and V. ἀντί (gen.).

verb transitive

P. and V. τιθέναι.

set: P. and V. καθίζειν.

set up: P. and V. ἱστάναι, ἱδρύειν; see put, set.

appoint: P. and V. καθιστάναι, προστάσσειν, τάσσειν.

be placed: P. and V. κεῖσθαι.

place in an awkward position: P. ἀπόρως διατιθέναι (τινά).

be awkwardly placed: P. ἀπόρως διακεῖσθαι; see situated.

place around: Ar. and P. περιτιθέναι (τί τινι), P. and V. περιβάλλειν; (τί τινι), Ar. and V. ἀμφιτιθέναι; (τί τινι), V. ἀμφιβάλλειν; (τί τινι).

place on: P. and V. ἐπιτιθέναι; (τί τινι).

place over: P. and V. ἐφιστάναι; (τί τινι).

place value on: sea value.