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P. and V. ἀσπίς, ἡ, V. σάκος, τό, κύκλος, ὁ.

Small shield: Ar. and V. πέλτη, ἡ.

Wicker shield: P. γέρρον, τό (Xen.), V. ἰτέα, ἡ, ἴτυς, ἡ (also Xen.).

Soldiers armed with wicker shields: P. γερροφόροι, οἱ.

Met., protection: V. σάκος, τό (Aesch., Supp. 190); see defence.

Arm oneself with a shield, v.: Ar. ἐνασπιδοῦσθαι.

With white shield, adj.: V. λεύκασπις.

With golden shield: V. χρύσασπις.

One who throws his shield away: Ar. ἀσπιδαποβλής, ὁ.

v. trans.

Cover: P. and V. κρύπτειν, συγκρύπτειν; see cover.

Shelter: P. σκεπάζειν (Xen.).

Protect: P. and V. φυλάσσειν, φρουρεῖν, διαφυλάσσειν, V. ἐκφυλάσσειν; see protect.

Defend: P. and V. ἀμύνειν, (dat.) Ar. and P. ἐπαμύνειν (dat.).

Champion: P. and V. προστατεῖν (gen.), προΐστασθαι (gen.).