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P. and V. ᾠδή, ἡ, μελῳδία, ἡ, ὕμνος, ὁ, μέλος, τό, Ar. and P. ᾆσμα, τό (Dem. and Plato), Ar. and V. ἀοιδή, ἡ, μολπή, ἡ (Euripides, Supplices 773). V. ὑμνῳδία, ἡ.

like a song: use adv., V. μολπηδόν (Aesch., Persae 389).

strain: Ar. and P. νόμος, ὁ.

of birds: P. and V. φθέγμα, τά, φθόγγος, ὁ, φθογγή, ἡ.

song of victory: P. and V. παιάν, ὁ, see paean.