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Ἔρως ἀνίκατε μάχαν -> O love, invincible in battle!
Sophocles, Antigone, 781

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P. and V. ἕλκος, τό.

Open old sores, v.: P. ἑλκοποιεῖν.


Causing pain: Ar. and P. ὀδυνηρός, V. διώδυνος.

Distressing: P. and V. λυπηρός, ἀνιαρός, πικρός, βαρύς, V. δύσφορος (also Xen. but rare P.), λυπρός: see grievous, distressing.

A sore point, something that gives offence: use P. and V. ἐπίφθονον.

Be sore, be annoyed: Ar. and P. ἀγανακτεῖν; see annoyed.