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Μή, φίλα ψυχά, βίον ἀθάνατον σπεῦδε, τὰν δ' ἔμπρακτον ἄντλει μαχανάν -> Oh! my soul do not aspire to eternal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible
Pindar, Pythian, 3.61f.

English > Greek (Woodhouse)

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Landing-stage: P. χῶμα, τό.

On a journey: P. σταθμός, ὁ (Xen.).

Theatre: Ar. and P. θέατρον, τό.

Stage in a theatre: Ar. and P. σκηνή, ἡ.

On the stage: P. ἐπὶ τῆς σκηνῆς.

Met., the next stage: P. τὸ ἑξῆς, τὸ ἐφεξῆς, lit., the thing next in order.

The last stage of: use adj., P. and V. ἔσχατος, agreeing with subs.

Succession: P. and V. διαδοχή, ἡ.


Theatrical: use P. ἀπο τῆς σκηνῆς.

v. trans.

Produce on the stage (of a play): Ar. and P. διδάσκειν.

Furnish the properties (for a play): Ar. and P. χορηγεῖν (dat.).