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Γελᾷ δ' ὁ μωρός, κἄν τι μὴ γέλοιον ᾖ → The fool laughs even when there's nothing to laugh at

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verb transitive

act a part: P. ὑποκρίνεσθαι.

play Antigone: P. Ἀντιγόνην ὑποκρίνεσθαι.

play (a piece): P. ὑποκρίνεσθαι, ἀγωνίζεσθαι (Dem. 418 and 449).

play the second part: Ar. δευτεριάζειν.

play third rate parts: P. τριταγωνιστεῖν.

Met., play the coward: P. and V. κακίζεσθαι, λιποψυχεῖν, P. μαλακίζεσθαι, ἀποδειλιᾶν.

play the man: P. ἀνδραγαθίζεσθαι.

play a mean part: P. and V. κακύνεσθαι.

play a part, pretend: Ar. and P. προσποιεῖσθαι.

play a game: Ar. and P. παιδιὰν παίζειν.

play a double game, met.: P. ἐπαμφοτερίζειν.

play the harp: Ar. and P. κιθαρίζειν.

play the pipe: P. and V. αὐλεῖν.

play pipe to: Ar. προσαυλεῖν (Eccl. 892).

verb intransitive

play (as children): P. and V. παίζειν V. ἀθύρειν (also Plato but rare P.).

act in jest: P. and V. παίζειν.

play an instrument: Ar. and P. ψάλλειν.

the flute girl played: Ar. αὐλητρὶς ἐνεφύσησε (Vespae 1219).

gamble: Ar. and P. κυβεύειν.

play at: P. παίζειν (dat.).

play at dice: P. ἀστραγάλοις παίζειν (Plato, alci. i. 110B).

play into: not thinking they were playing into the hands of Agoratus: P. οὐκ οἰόμενοι Ἀγοράτῳ συμπράσσειν (Lys. 138).

play off: play off the Greeks one against another: P. αὐτοὺς περὶ ἑαυτοὺς τοὺς Ἕλληνας κατατρῖψαι (Thuc. 8, 46).

play on (play on words, etc.): P. κομψεύεσθαι (acc.), V. κομψεύειν (acc.); see also play upon.

play upon, turn to account: P. and V. χρῆσθαι (dat.).

play with, mock: P. and V. παίζειν πρός (acc.), P. προσπαίζειν (dat.).

verb intransitive

move about: P. and V. αἰωρεῖσθαι; see move, hover.


P. and V. παιδιά, ἡ.

speak in play: P. and V. παίζων εἰπεῖν.

piece for acting: Ar. and P. δρᾶμα, τό.

give play to, exercise: Ar. and P. μελετᾶν, P. and V. γυμνάζειν. Use, put into operation: P. and V. χρῆσθαι (dat.).

make a display of: P. and V. ἐνδείκνυσθαι.

call into play: P. and V. κινεῖν, ἐγείρειν; see evoke.

fair play: P. ἐπιείκεια, ἡ.