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Μή, φίλα ψυχά, βίον ἀθάνατον σπεῦδε, τὰν δ' ἔμπρακτον ἄντλει μαχανάν -> Oh! my soul do not aspire to eternal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible
Pindar, Pythian, 3.61f.

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v. trans.

Lean, rest: P. and V. ἐρείδειν (also Plat. but rare P.); see support.

Maintain, feed: P. and V. τρέφειν, P. διατρέφειν; see maintain.

Keep, preserve: P. and V. σώζειν, φυλάσσειν; see preserve.

Come to the help of: P. and V. βοηθεῖν (dat.).

Endure: P. and V. ἀνέχεσθαι, φέρειν; see endure.

Hold out against: P. and V. ἀντέχειν (dat.), V. καρτερεῖν (acc.).

Sustain a loss: P. and V. ζημιοῦσθαι, P. ἐλασσοῦσθαι.