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The number ten: V. δεκάς, ἡ.


P. and V. δέκα.

Lasting ten years: P. δεκέτης, δεκαέτης.

In the space of ten years: V. δεκασπόρῳ χρόνῳ (Eur., Tro. 20).

A space of ten years: P. χρόνος δεκαέτηρος (Plat.).

Ten years old: P. δεκέτης. Fem. Ar. and P. δεκέτις.

Ten times, adv.: P. δεκάκις.

Ten feet long, adj.: Ar. δεκάπους.

Worth ten minae: Ar. δεκάμνους.

Ten thousand: see under thousand.