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Τὸ νικᾶν αὐτὸν αὑτὸν πασῶν νικῶν πρώτη τε καὶ ἀρίστη → The first and best victory is to conquer self.
Plato, Laws 626e
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Full diacritics: χάριν Medium diacritics: χάριν Low diacritics: χάριν Capitals: ΧΑΡΙΝ
Transliteration A: chárin Transliteration B: charin Transliteration C: charin Beta Code: xa/rin

English (LSJ)

A v. χάρις A. VI. I.

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German (Pape)

[Seite 1337] s. unter χάρις.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

χάριν: ἴδε χάρις VI. 1.

English (Strong)

accusative case of χάρις as preposition; through favor of, i.e. on account of: be-(for) cause of, for sake of, +…fore, X reproachfully.

English (Thayer)

accusative of the substantive, χάρις used absolutely; properly, in favor of, for lite pleasure of: χάριν ἑκτορος, Homer, Iliad 15,744, others; gratia, it takes on completely the nature of a preposition, and is joined to the genitive, for, on account of, for the sake of; παραβοσις); τούτου χάριν, on this account, for this cause, Xenophon, mem. 1,2, 54); τούτου χάριν ἵνα, Winer's Grammar, 566 (526)); οὗ χάριν, for which cause, χάριν τίνος; for what cause? wherefore? χάριν is everywhere in the N. T. placed after the genitive, as it generally is in secular authors (cf. Passow, under the word, I:3a., p. 2416{b}; Herm. ad Vig., p. 701); in the O. T. Apocrypha it is placed sometimes before, sometimes after; cf. Wahl, Clavis Apocr., under the word 6b.; Grimm on 1 Maccabees 3:29.

Greek Monotonic

χάριν: βλ. χάρις, VI. 1.

Russian (Dvoretsky)

χάριν: (ᾰ) adv. ради, в угоду, из-за, по причине (τινός Hom., Her., Xen., Plut.): ψεύδεσθαι γλώσσης χ. Hes. лгать для удовольствия; (τὴν) ἐμὴν χ. Aesch. ради меня; τοῦ χ. καὶ τοῦ δεόμενος ἦλθε; Arph. чего ради и зачем он пришел?; ἕνεκα τοῦ τοιούτου χ. Plat. ради этого самого; οὗ χ. λέγω σοι NT а потому говорю тебе.


原文音譯:c£rin 哈林
字義溯源:為此,為,原是為,緣故,以,因,因為,由於,為了得;源自(χάρις)=恩典),而 (χάρις)出自(χαίρω)*=歡樂的)
1) 因(3) 路7:47; 弗3:1; 弗3:14;
2) 為(1) 約壹3:12;
3) 為了得(1) 猶1:16;
4) 由於(1) 多1:11;
5) 緣故(1) 多1:5;
6) 原是為(1) 加3:19;
7) 以(1) 提前5:14

English (Woodhouse)

χάριν = (see also: χάρις) by reason of, for the sake of, in consequence of, on account of, on behalf of

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