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P. and V. κύλιξ, ἡ (Plat. and Eur., Cycl. 164), ἔκπωμα, τό, φιαλή, ἡ, κύαθος, ὁ (Xen. and Eur.,. Frag.), Ar. ποτήριον, τό, τρύβλιον, τό, V. ποτήρ, ὁ, σκύφος, ὁ or τό (Eur., Cycl. 256), σκυφώματα, τά (Aesch., Frag.), καρχήσιον, τό (Soph., Frag. ), τεῦχος, τό, δέπας, τό (Eur., Hec. 527).

Small cup: P. κυμβίον, τό.

Gold cup: Ar. χρυσίς, ἡ.

Met., of a flower: Ar. and V. κάλυξ, ἡ.

The hollow part of anything: use P. and V. τὸ κοῖλον.

The conduct of this monster in his cups is horrible: P. ἡ παροινία τοῦ καθάρματος τουτουῒ δεινή (Dem. 403).

He taunts me in his cups with being no true son of my father: καλεῖ παρʼ οἴνῳ πλαστὸς ὡς εἴην πατρί (Soph., O.R. 780).