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Σκιᾶς ὄναρ ἄνθρωπος -> Man is a dream of a shadow
Pindar, Pythian 8.95f.

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Inferior: P. and V. ἥσσων, χείρων. Lower than, inferior to: P. and V. ἥσσων (gen.), χείρων (gen.), ὕστερος (gen.). The Lower World: P. and V. οἱ κάτω, οἱ κάτωθεν, V. οἱ ἔνερθε, οἱ ἐνέρτεροι, οἱ νέρτεροι, οἱ κατὰ χθονός. The place where the dead go: P. and V. ᾍδης, ὁ. adv. Further down: Ar. κατωτέρω. v. trans. Let down: P. and V. καθιέναι. Abase: P. and V. καθαιρεῖν, συστέλλειν, κολούειν; see abase. Abate: P. and V. μεθιέναι, ὑφίεσθαι (gen.), ἀνιέναι. Lessen: P. ἐλασσοῦν. Impair: P. and V. βλάπτειν, διαφθείρειν. Disgrace: P. and V. αἰσχύνειν, καταισχύνεις Lower your voices: Ar. ὕφεσθε τοῦ τόνου (Vesp. 337). Lower your tone: met., V. ἄνες (2nd aor. imper. act. of ἀνιέναι), λόγον (Eur., Hel. 442). Lower (sails): see reef. In time of trouble methinks I should voyage with lowered sails (met.), V. ἐν κακοῖς μοι πλεῖν ὑφειμένῃ δοκεῖ (Soph., El. 335). Lower oneself, let oneself down: P. and V. καθιέναι ἑαυτόν, P. συγκαθιέναι ἑαυτόν, Ar. καθιμᾶν ἑαυτόν. Met., condescend: P. συγκαθιέναι. V. intrans. Impend: P. and V. ἐφίστασθαι, P. ἐπικρέμασθαι, ἐπηρτῆσθαι (perf. pass. of ἐπαρτᾶν). Frown: Ar. ὀφρῦς συνάγειν, V. ὄμματα συννεφεῖν.