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Οὔτοι συνέχθειν, ἀλλὰ συμφιλεῖν ἔφυν -> I was not born to hate, but to love.
Sophocles, Antigone 523

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P. and V. γάμος, ὁ, P. τὰ γαμικά, V. νυμφεῖα, τά, νύμφευμα, τό, εὐνήματα, τά, Ar. and V. ὑμέναιος, ὁ, or use V. λέχος, τό, or pl., λέκτρον, τό, or pl., εὐνή, ἡ, or pl.; see also alliance. Of marriage, adj.: P. and V. νυμφικός (Plat.), Ar. and P. γαμικός, Ar. and V. γαμήλιος, V. νυμφευτήριος, Ar. νυμφίδιος.