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Strong: P. and V. μέγας, ἰσχυρός, V. κραταιός, ὄβριμος, καρτερός, ἐγκρατής, παγκρατής, σθεναρός, P. ἐρρωμένος. Mighly: P. and V. δυνατός. Ar. and V. μεγασθενής, ἄλκιμος (rare P.). Efficacious: P. and V. δραστήριος. Convincing (of an argument): P. also V. πιθανός; see convincing. Impassioned: P. σφοδρός. Intense: P. also V. ἔντονος, σύντονος. Be powerful, v.: P. also V. δύνασθαι, ἰσχύειν, Ar. and V. σθένειν.