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staff: Ar. and P. ῥάβδος, ἡ, βακτηρία, ἡ, V. βάκτρον, τό, σκῆπτρον, τό. Ar. σκίπων, ὁ. βακτήριον, τό.

twig: P. and V. κλών, ὁ; see brushwood.

dry sticks for lighting fires: P. and V. πυρεῖα, τά (Plato and Soph.).

he raised his stick against him: P. ἐπανήρατο τὴν βακτηρίαν (Thuc. 8, 84).

verb transitive

glue: Ar. and P. κολλᾶν.

fasten, attach: P. and V. συνάπτειν, προσάπτειν; see fasten.

fix: P. and V. πηγνύναι.

pierce: see pierce, wound.

verb intransitive

remain: P. and V. μένειν.

be fixed: P. and V. πεπηγέναι (2nd perf. act. of πηγνύναι).

stick in: Ar. ἐμπεπηγέναι (2nd perf. of ἐμπηγνύναι).

hesitate, scruple: P. and V. ὀκνεῖν, κατοκνεῖν.

be embarrassed: P. and V. ἀπορεῖν.

stick at, hesitate at: P. and V. ὀκνεῖν (acc.), ἀφίστασθαι (gen.); see shrink from.

stick at nothing: P. and V. πᾶν ποιεῖν, πανουργεῖν.

stick out, stretch out, verb transitive, P. and V. προτείνειν; verb intransitive, project: P. and V. προὔχειν, Ar. and P. ἐξέχειν.

stick to, cling to: P. and V. ἔχεσθαι (gen.), ἀντέχεσθαι (gen.).

abide by: P. and V. ἐμμένειν (dat.).

attach to: P. and V. προσεῖναι (dat.), προσγίγνεσθαι (dat.), προσκεῖσθαι (dat.).

stick together: Ar. and P. συνίστασθαι.