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Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

sēmi-: (also, before vowels, merely sēm-, and before libra, mestris, from mensis, and modius, sē-), an inseparable particle [Sanscr. sāmi; Gr. ἡμι-, ἥμισυς;> cf. semis,
I half, demi-, semi-; as, semestris, semi-monthly; semesus, half-eaten; semideus, demigod, etc.; hence, also, for small, thin, light, etc.; as, semicinctium, semifunium, semipiscina, semispatha, al.—Only a very few of these compounds are ante-Aug.; most of them, indeed, belong only to the post-class. per.

Latin > French (Gaffiot 2016)

sēmĭ (cf. ἡμι- et semis, seulement dans les mots composés), demi, semi.

Latin > German (Georges)

sēmi, das griech. ἡμι, halb, in Zusammensetzungen, s. die folgenden Wörter.