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L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelleLove that moves the sun and the other stars
Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, XXXIII, v. 145

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P. and V. φῶς, τό, Ar. and V. φέγγος, τό (also Plato but rare P.), φάος, τό.

gleam: Ar. and V. σέλας, τό (also Plato but rare P.), αὐγή, ἡ (also Plato in sense of ray).

lamp: Ar. and P. λύχνος, ὁ.

Concretely of persons or things, the light of, the glory of: V. ἄγαλμα, τό, φῶς, τό, φάος, τό; see glory.

see the light, live, v.:V. φῶς βλέπειν, φάος βλέπειν, or βλέπειν alone.

as soon as it was light: P. and V. ἅμ' ἡμέρᾳ, P. ἅμ' ἕῳ.

light was beginning to break: P. ὑπέφαινέ τι ἡμέρας (Plato, Protagoras 312A).

bringing light, adj.: Ar. and V. φωσφόρος.

bring to light, v.: P. and V. ἀναφαίνειν, εἰς μέσον φέρειν, P. πρὸς φῶς ἄγειν, εἰς τὸ φανερὸν ἄγειν; see disclose.

come to light: P. and V. φαίνω, φαίνεσθαι, ἀναφαίνεσθαι, ἐκφαίνεσθαι (Plato).

give a light: Ar. and P. φαίνειν (absol.).

shed light on, met.: P. and V. σαφηνίζειν (acc.) (Xen.), διασαφεῖν (acc.); see explain.

shine on: P. καταλάμπειν (gen.) (Plato).

stand in a person's light: P. and V. ἐμποδὼν εἶναι (dat.).

in the light of: P. and V. ἐκ; (gen.), ἀπό (gen.).

each of the former favours is viewed in the light of the final result: P. πρὸς τὸ τελευταῖον ἐκβὰν ἕκαστον τῶν προϋπαρξάντων κρίνεται (Dem. 12).

represent in a bad light: P. κακῶς εἰκάζειν περί (gen.) (Plato, Republic 377E).

verb transitive

kindle: P. and V. ἅπτειν, ἀνάπτειν, ὑφάπτειν, κάειν, V. αἴθειν, ἀναίθειν, ὑπαίθειν, δαίειν, ἀνδαίειν, ἀναιθύσσειν, ἀνακάειν (Euripides, Cyclops), ἐκκάειν.

have lighted: P. ἀνάπτεσθαι (Lys. 93).

a lighted torch, substantive: Ar. δᾷς ἡμμένη.

a lighted lamp: P. λύχνος ἡμμένος (Thuc. 4, 133).

give light to: Ar. and P. φαίνειν (dat.).

make bright, v.: V. φλέγειν.

fall: P. and V. πίπτειν, κατασκήπτειν.

light on, descend on: P. and V. κατασκήπτειν (εἰς, acc.).

envy is wont to light on things exalted: V. εἰς τἀπίσημα δ' ὁ φθόνος πηδᾶν φίλεῖ (Euripides, Fragment).

light on, chance on: P. and V. ἐντυγχάνειν (dat.), τυγχάνειν (gen.), προσπίπτειν (dat.), Ar. and P. ἐπιτυγχάνειν (gen. or dat.), P. περιπίπτειν (dat.), Ar. and V. κυρεῖν (gen.), V. κιγχάνειν (acc. or gen.).

of events: see befall.

settle on: see settle.


Ar. and P. φανός (Plato),

of colour: P. and V. λαμπρός; see bright.

as opposed to heavy: P. and V. κοῦφος, ἐλαφρός.

easy to carry: V. εὐάγκαλος.

small, slight: P. and V. λεπτός.

active, nimble: P. and V. ἐλαφρός (Xen.), Ar. and V. κοῦφος, θοός, V. λαιψηρός.

light troops: see light-armed.

light conduct: P. and V. ὕβρις, ἡ.

not serious: P. and V. κοῦφος, ἐλαφρός.

easy: P. and V. ῥᾴδιος, εὐπετής (Plato), εὔπορος, κοῦφος, ἐλαφρός, V. εὐμαρής.

make light of: P. and V. ῥᾳδίως φέρειν (acc.), ar and V. φαύλως φέρειν (acc.), V. εὐπετῶς φέρειν (acc.) (Sophocles, Fragment); see disregard, despise.

disparage: P. and V. διαβάλλω, διαβάλλειν (acc).

with a light heart: P. εὐχερῶς, P. and V. ῥᾳδίως.