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P. and V. εἶδος, τό, ἰδέα, ἡ, μορφή, ἡ (Plat.), σχέσις, ἡ, σχῆμα, τό, φύσις, ἡ, τύπος, ὁ, V. μόρφωμα, τό.

Appearance: P. and V. ὄψις, ἡ, V. πρόσοψις, ἡ.

Phantom: P. and V. φάσμα, τό, φάντασμα, τό (Plat.); see phantom.

v. trans.

Mould: P. and V. πλάσσειν, P. τυποῦν (Plat.).

Contrive: P. and V. μηχανᾶσθαι, τεχνᾶσθαι, τεκταίνεσθαι; contrive.

Shape (with a chisel): Ar. τυκίζειν.

Shape (the mind): P. and V. παιδεύειν; see instruct.