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Pindar, Pythian 8.95f.
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Full diacritics: ἄσκαρος Medium diacritics: ἄσκαρος Low diacritics: άσκαρος Capitals: ΑΣΚΑΡΟΣ
Transliteration A: áskaros Transliteration B: askaros Transliteration C: askaros Beta Code: a)/skaros

English (LSJ)

ὁ, a kind of castanet, Poll.4.60, Hsch.; also a kind of shoe, Id.

Spanish (DGE)

-ου, ὁ
• Morfología: [tb. τό Poll.4.60]
1 cierto tipo de castañuela ἦχον ἐποίει κροτάλῳ παραπλήσιον Poll.l.c., en plu., Hsch.
2 plu. cierto tipo de sandalias Hsch.

Frisk Etymological English

Grammatical information: m.
Meaning: 1. kind of shoe; also 2. a musical instrument. H. Poll. 4, 60: ἔνιοι δε την ψιθὺραν την αὐτην εἶναι τῳ̃ ἀσκάρῳ ὀνομαζομένῳ νομίζουσιν. And ἄσκαροι· γένος ὑποδημάτων η σανδαλίων H.
Origin: XX [etym. unknown]
Etymology: Unknown. The musical instrument was a square with strings, so it has nothing to do with the shoe. Fur. analyses the shoe as -αρος and ἀσκός skin, bag made of a skin. Unclear ἀσκαροφόρον φορτηγόν H. (so ἄσκαρος bag, pack, load?) Cf. ἀσκέρα and ἀσκηρά.

Frisk Etymology German

ἄσκαρος: {áskaros}
Forms: Vgl. ἀσκηρά· εἶδός τι τῶν καστανίων H.
Grammar: m.
Meaning: Art Fußbekleidung, auch ein musikalisches Instrument, Klapper, κρόταλα H. Ähnlich Poll. 4, 60.
Etymology: Unerklärt.
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