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P. and V. ὀργή, ἡ, θυμός, ὁ, Ar. and V. χολή, ἡ, κότος, ὁ, μένος, τό, V. μῆνις, ἡ, χόλος, ὁ.

by reason of Ares' old anger against Cadmus: V. Κάδμου παλαιῶν Ἄρεος ἐκ μηνιμάτων (Eur., Phoen. 934).

quick temper: V. ὀξυθυμία, ἡ.

quick to anger: see angry (adj.).

v. trans.

P. and V. ὀργίζειν (Plat.), παροξύνειν, ἐξαγριοῦν (Plat. in pass.), ἀγριοῦν (Xen. and Ar. in pass.), V. ὀξύνειν, ὀργαίνειν, θήγειν.