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κόσμος σκηνή, ὁ βίος πάροδος· ἦλθες, εἶδες, ἀπῆλθες -> The world is a stage, life is a performance, you came, you saw, you departed
Democritus, fr. 115 D-K

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a match for: use adj., P. ἀντίπαλος (dat.), ἐνάμιλλος (dat.).

in fighting: also use P. ἀξιόμαχος (dat.).

lightly armed I would be a match for you in full panoply: V. κἂν ψιλὸς ἀρκέσαιμι σοί γ' ὡπλισμένῳ (Soph., Ajax 1123).

unaided we are a match for our enemies: P. αὑτοὶ ἀρκοῦμεν πρὸς τοὺς πολεμίους (Thuc. 6, 84).

contest: P. and V. ἀγών, ὁ, ἅμιλλα, ἡ, V. πάλαισμα, τό, ἆθλος, ὁ; see contest.

union by marriage: P. and V. κῆδος, τό, κήδευμα, τό, κηδεία, ἡ.

verb transitive

equal: P. and V. ἰσοῦσθαι (dat.), ἐξισοῦσθαι (dat.), P. ἰσάζεσθαι (dat.).

be like: P. and V. ὁμοιοῦσθαι (dat.), ἐξομοιοῦσθαι (dat.).

engage, bring into conflict: P. and V. ἀντιτάσσειν, P. συμβάλλειν, V. συνάγειν, συνάπτειν, συμφέρειν, Ar. and V. ἀντιτιθέναι.

be matched against: P. and V. ἀντιτάσσεσθαι (dat. or πρός, acc.).

well matched, adj.: P. and V. ἰσόρροπος.

he who has come to match her powers: V. ὃς δ' ἦλθεν ἐπὶ τἀντίπαλον (Eur., Bacchae 278).

set one thing against another (as equivalent): P. and V. ἀντιτιθέναι (τί τινος).

Absol., tally: P. and V. συμβαίνειν, συντρέχειν, συμπίπτειν, V. συμβάλλεσθαι, συμπίτνειν, συγκόλλως ἔχειν.