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English (Strong)

of uncertain origin; Theudas, an Israelite: Theudas.

English (Thayer)

(probably contracted from θεοδωρος, Winer's Grammar, 103 (97); especially Lightfoot on Buttmann, 20 (18)), ὁ, Theudas, an impostor who instigated a rebellion which came to a wretched end in the time of Augustus: Josephus (Antiquities, 20,5, 1) makes mention of one Theudas, a magician, who came into notice by pretending that he was a prophet and was destroyed when Cuspius Fadus governed Judaea in the time of Claudius. Accordingly, many interpreters hold that there were two insurgents by the name of Theudas; while others, with far greater probability, suppose that the mention of Theudas is ascribed to Gamaliel by an anachronism on the part of Luke. On the different opinions of others cf. Meyer on Acts , the passage cited; Winer s RWB, under the word; Keim in Schenkel see 510f; (especially Hackett in B. D., under the word).


原文音譯:Qeud©j 跳打士
字義溯源:丟大;他曾自誇為大,有四百人附從他,後被殺( 徒5:36)。字義:神的恩賜
1) 丟大(1) 徒5:36