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Ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν -> I searched out myself
Heraclitus, fr. 101B

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P. and V. πλοῖον, τό, σκάφος, τό (Dem. 128), Ar. and P. ἄκατος, ἡ, P. ἀκάτιον, τό, V. πορθμίς, ἡ, δόρυ, τό, κύμβη, ἡ (Soph., Frag.).

ship: P. and V. ναῦς, ἡ.

small boat: Ar. and P. κέλης, ὁ, πλοιάριον, τό (Xen.), P. κελήτιον, τό, λέμβος, ὁ.

be in the same boat with: Met., P. ἐπί τῆς αὐτῆς ὁρμεῖν (dat.) (Dem. 319).

v. intrans.

See row.