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Οὐδ' ἄμμε διακρινέει φιλότητος ἄλλο, πάρος θάνατόν γε μεμορμένον ἀμφικαλύψαι -> Nor will anything else divide us from our love before the fate of death enshrouds us
Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica 3.1129f.

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Of colour as opposed to dark: P. and V. λευκός, V. πάλλευκος. Beautiful: P. and V. καλός, εὐπρεπής. Of personal appearance: P. and V. εὐειδής (Plat.), V. εὐωπός, καλλίμορφος, εὔμορφος, Ar. and V. εὐφυής. Favourable, auspicious: P. and V. καλός, εὔφημος (Plat.), εὐτυχής, V. δεξιός, εὐμενής, πρευμενής, Ar. and V. αἴσιος (also Xen. but rare P.). Of wind: P. and V. οὔριος. A fair wind: V. οὖρος, ὁ (also Xen.). Of weather . P. εὔδιος (Xen.). Fair weather: P. and V. εὐδία, ἡ. If all be fair now between you and Thebes: V. ταῖσι Θήβαις εἰ τανῦν εὐημερεῖ καλῶς τὰ πρὸς σέ (Soph., O.C. 616). Just: P. and V. δίκαιος, ἔνδικος, ὀρθός. Equitable: P. and V. ἴσος, ἐπιεικής. Impartial: P. and V. κοινός. By fair means: see fairly. Reasonable: P. and V. εὔλογον εἰκώς, εὐπρεπής; see specious. When he comes I will speak him fair: V. μολόντι δʼ αὐτῷ μαλθακοὺς λέξω λόγους (Eur., Med. 776). Moderate: P. and V. μέτριος. Fair words: use subs., P. and V. εὐφημία, ἡ. Use fair words, v.: P. and V. εὐφημεῖν. subs. Gathering of people for merry-making, etc.: use P. and V. ἑορτή, ἡ, πανήγυρις, ἡ; see feast.