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P. and V. δεσπότις, ἡ (Plat.), δέσποινα, ἡ (Dem. and Plat.), Ar. and V. ἄνασσα, ἡ; see queen. Preceptress: P. and V. διδάσκαλος, ἡ. Mistress of a house: P. οἰκονόμος, ἡ, P. and V. οἰκουρός, ἡ. Mistress of, skilled in: use adj., P. and V. ἔμπειρος (gen.), ἐπιστήμων (gen.); see skilled. Concubine: Ar. and P. παλλακή, ἡ, ἑταίρα, ἡ.