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P. and V. παρών, παρεστηκώς, παρεστώς.

Of time, also:Ar. and P. ἐνεστώς.

in a place: V. ἔντοπος.

be present: P. and V. παρεῖναι, Ar. and P. παραγίγνεσθαι.

happen to be present: P. παρατυγχάνειν.

stand near: P. and V. παρίστασθαι, Ar. and V. παραστατεῖν.

at present: P. and V. νῦν, τὸ νῦν, P. ἐν τῷ παρόντι, τὸ νῦν εἶναι.

for the present: P. and V. νῦν, τὸ νῦν, P. τὸ νῦν εἶναι (Plato, Laches 201C).

present circumstances: P. and V. τὰ παρόντα, τὰ αθεστῶτα, τὰ παρεστῶτα.

under present circumstances: P. and V. ἐκ τῶν παρόντων.


gift: P. and V. δῶρον, τό, δόσις, ἡ, δωρεά, ἡ, Ar. and V. δώρημα, τό (also Xen. but rare P.).

make a present of, give up for no corresponding return: P. and V. προσπίνειν; (acc.); see fling away.

present time: P. and V. τὸ παρόν; see adj.

verb transitive

introduce: P. and V. προσάγειν, Ar. and V. παράγειν.

afford: P. and V. παρέχω, παρέχειν.

give: P. and V. διδόναι, νέμειν, παρέχω, παρέχειν; see give.

present arms: P. προβάλλεσθαι τὰ ὅπλα (Xen.).

present oneself (at): P. and V. παρεῖναι εἰς (acc.).