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Ar. and P. ὑετός, ὁ, ὕδωρ, τό. Shower: P. and V. ὄμβρος, ὁ (Plat., Rep. 359D). Storm of rain: P. and V. ἐπομβρία, ἡ (Dem. 1274, Aesch., Frag., and Ar.), P. χειμὼν νοτερός, ὁ (Thuc. 3, 21). Drizzle: P. and V. ψακάς, ἡ (Xen. also Ar.). The rain that had fallen in the night: P. τὸ ὕδωρ τὸ γενόμενον τῆς νυκτός (Thuc. 2, 5). There having been an extraordinary fall of rain: P. ὕδατος ἐξαισίου γενομένου (Plat., Critias, 112A). v. intrans. It rains: Ar. and P. ὕει (Xen.); see also drizzle. Rain down, v. trans.: met., Ar. and P. καταχεῖν; see shower.