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v. trans.

P. and V. σείειν, ἀνασείειν.

Wave in front of one: P. and V. προσείειν.

They waved their hands in the air: P. τὰς χεῖρας ἀνέσεισαν (Thuc. 4, 38).

Swing: P. αἰωρεῖν, Ar. and V. κυκλεῖν, V. διαφέρειν, σφενδονᾶν; see whirl.

Brandish: P. and V. σείειν, Ar. and V. πάλλειν, κραδαίνειν, τινάσσειν.

V. intrans. Give direction by signs: P. ἐπινεύειν, Ar. and V. νεύειν.

This man is no longer the same, he waves me back: V. ἀνὴρ ὅδʼ οὐκέθʼ αὑτός, ἐκνεύει πάλιν (Eur., Phoen. 920).

Swing: P. and V. αἰωρεῖσθαι.

Be hung up: P. and V. κρέμασθαι.

Toss up and down: P. and V. σαλεύειν.

Stream, float in air: P. and V. φέρεσθαι, V. ᾄσσεσθαι, ἀΐσσειν, ᾄσσειν.


Wavy motion: P. αἰώρησις, ἡ.

Motion: P. φορά, ἡ.

Billow: P. and V. κῦμα, τό, κλύδων, ὁ, κλυδώνιον, τό.

Surf: P. and V. ῥόθιον, τό (Thuc. 4, 10), ῥαχία, ἡ (Thuc. 4, 10), V. φλοῖσβος, ὁ, ῥηγμίν, ὁ.

Swell: Ar. and V. οἶδμα, τό, σάλος, ὁ.

Big wave: P. and V. τρικυμία, ἡ (Plat.).

Shore washed by waves: V. ἀκτὴ κυμοδέγμων, ἡ (Eur., Hipp. 1173).