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Ar. and P. κυκλοτερής, P. περιφερής, σφαιροειδής, P. and V. εὔκυκλος (Plat.), V. εὔτορνος, ἀμφίτορνος, κυκλωτός, κύρτος, Ar. and V. γογγύλος (Aesch., Frag.), Ar. and P. στρογγύλος. adv. All round: P. and V. πέριξ (rare P.), κύκλῳ, ἐν κύκλῳ. Standing round: P. and V. περισταδόν. In compounds: P. and V. περι; e. g., stand round: P. and V. περιίστασθαι. Distributively: δια; e. g., hand round: P. and V. διαδιδόναι. Bring round, persuade, Met.: P. and V. πείθειν. Carry round: P. and V. περιφέρειν. Come round, return in a circle: Ar. and P. περιέρχεσθαι. Met., be persuaded: P. and V. πείθεσθαι. Change round: P. περιίστασθαι. Get round, cajole: P. and V.. ὑπέρχεσθαι. prep. P. and V. περί (acc. or dat.), V. ἀμφί (rare P.) (acc. or. dat.), πέριξ (acc.). A place which had a wall all round it: P. χωρίον ᾧ κύκλῳ τειχίον περιῆν (Thuc. 7, 81). A road runs all round it: P. κυκλόθεν ὅδος περιέχει (Lys. 110). subs. Circle: P. and V. κύκλος, ὁ. Succession: P. and V. διαδοχή, ἡ. Round of a ladder: see rung. The ordinary round of affairs: P. τὰ ἐγκύκλια (Isoc.). Go one's rounds, patrol: Ar. and P. ἐφοδεύειν (Xen.), Ar. κωδωνοφορεῖν. v. trans. Ar. and P. τορνεύειν. Round (a point) in navigation: P. περιβάλλειν (acc.), ὑπερβάλλειν (acc.). Round off: Met., Ar. and P. τορνεύειν, P. ἀποτορνεύειν.