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Contest: P. and V. ἀγών, ὁ, μάχη, ἡ, ἅμιλλα, ἡ, V. ἀγωνία, ἡ, πάλαισμα, τό, ἆθλος, ὁ, δῆρις, ἡ.

Convulsion: P. and V. σπασμός, ὁ, P. σφαδασμός, ὁ (Plat.), V. σπαραγμός, ὁ.

Agitation: P. ἀγωνία, ἡ.

Time of stress or trial: P. and V. ἀγών, ὁ, V. ἆθλος, ὁ.

Labour effort: P. and V. πόνος, ὁ, Ar. and V. μόχθος, ὁ, V. ἆθλος, ὁ.

With a struggle, with difficulty: use adv., P. and V. μόλις, μόγις, Ar. and P. χαλεπῶς; see under difficulty.

Without a struggle (with no convulsive effort): use adj., V. ἀσφάδαστος.

Without a struggle (without the necessity of fighting): P. ἀμαχεί, ἀκονιτί.

v. trans.

Contend: P. and V. ἀγωνίζεσθαι, μάχεσθαι, διαμάχεσθαι (Eur., Alc. 694), ἀθλεῖν, ἁμιλλᾶσθαι, V. ἐξαγωνίζεσθαι, ἐξαμιλλᾶσθαι.

Use violence: P. and V. βιάζεσθαι.

Exert oneself: P. and V. σπουδάζειν, τείνειν, ὁρμᾶσθαι, P. διατείνεσθαι, συντείνειν (or pass.), ἐντείνεσθαι, V. ἐντείνειν.

Try (with infin. following); P. and V. πειρᾶν (or mid.), ἐγχειρεῖν, ἐπιχειρεῖν; see try.

Labour: P. and V. πονεῖν, μοχθεῖν (rare P.), ἀθλεῖν (rare P.); see labour.

Writhe, be convulsed: P. and V. σφαδάζειν (Xen.), V. σπᾶσθαι.

Hard to struggle against, adj.: V. δυσπάλαιστος; see invincible.