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Μολὼν λαβέ -> Come and take them
Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica 225C12

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v. intrans.

Appear, be seen: P. and V. φαίνεσθαι; see appear. subs. Shape: P. and V. σχῆμα, τό, εἶδος, τό, ἰδέα, ἡ, μορφή, ἡ (Plat.), V. μόρφωμα, τό. Appearance: P. and V. ὄψις, ἡ. Effigy: P. and V. ἄγαλμα, τό, εἰκών, ἡ, Ar. and P. ἀνδριάς, ὁ. Effigy of a god: P. and V. ἄγαλμα, τό, Ar. and V. βρέτας, τό. Moulded figure: Ar. and P. πλάσμα, τό. Number: P. and V. ἄριθμος, ὁ. The figure one: P. μονάς, ἡ. The figure two: P. δυάς, ἡ. Figure in geometry: P. διάγραμμα, τό. A square figure: P. χωρίον τετράγωνον. Figure of speech: Ar. and P. εἰκών, ἡ. To use a figure of speech: P. ὡς ἔπος εἰπεῖν, V. ὡς εἰπεῖν ἔπος. Figures in dancing: P. and V. σχήματα, τά (Eur., Cycl. 221). Perform figures: P. σχήματα σχηματίζειν (Plat.), or Ar. σχηματίζειν alone (Pax, 324). Figures in relief on shields, etc.: V. τυποί, οἱ (Eur., Phoen. 1130).