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Οὔτοι συνέχθειν, ἀλλὰ συμφιλεῖν ἔφυν -> I was not born to hate, but to love.
Sophocles, Antigone 523

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P. and V. τιμή, ἡ,

respect, reverence, regard: V. σέβας, τό, αἰδώς, ἡ, ἐντροπή, ἡ, P. θεραπεία, ἡ.

rank: P. and V. ἀξίωμα, τό, τιμή, ἡ, P. ἀξία, ἡ.

reputation: P. and V. δόξα, ἡ, εὐδοξία, ἡ, κλέος, τό (rare P.), ὄνομα, τό. Ar. and V. εὔκλεια, ἡ, κῦδος, τό, V. κληδών, ἡ.

adornment: P. and V. κόσμος, ὁ.

concretely (applied to persons or things), the honour (boast) of: P. and V. σχῆμα, τό, V. πρόσχημα, τό, ἄγαλμα, τό, αὔχημα, τό.

chastity: V. ἅγνευμα, τό, παρθενεία, ἡ.

word of honour: P. and V. πίστις, ἡ, τὸ πιστόν.

hold in honour, v.: P. ἐντίμως ἔχειν (acc.), V. πρεσβεύειν; (acc.) (also Plato but rare P.); see honour, v.

pay honour to: P. and V. τιμὴν διδόναι (dat.).

last honours (to the dead), substantive: P. τὰ νόμιμα.

pay last honours to, v.: P. τὰ νομιζόμενα φέρειν (dat.), V. ἀγαπάζειν; (acc.) (Euripides, Phoenissae 1327), ἀγαπᾶν (acc.) (Euripides, Supp. 764, Hel. 937).

raise to honour: P. and V. αἴρειν, αὐξάνειν, αὔξειν, V. τίμιον ἀνάγειν.

verb transitive

P. and V. τιμᾶν, ἀξιοῦν, Ar. and V. γεραίρειν, V. τιμαλφεῖν, ἐκτιμᾶν, τίειν.

prefer to honour: P. and V. προτιμᾶν.

honour exceedingly: V. ὑπερτιμᾶν.

exalt: P. and V. αἴρειν, αὐξάνειν, αὔξειν, μεγαλύνειν (Euripides, Bacchae 320), Ar. and V. ὀγκοῦν, πυργοῦν, P. σεμνύνειν, ἐπαυξάνειν, V. ἀνάγειν.

adorn: P. and V. κοσμεῖν.

reverence, worship: P. and V. σέβειν, σέβεσθαι, Ar. and V. σεβίζειν, P. θεραπεύειν.

honour in addition: V. προσσέβειν.

value highly: P. περὶ πολλοῦ ποιεῖσθαι, V. πολλῶν ἀξιοῦν, ἐναριθμεῖσθαι.