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Ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν -> I searched out myself
Heraclitus, fr. 101B

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P. and V. γραμμή, ἡ (Eur., Frag.). Carpenter's line: P. and V. στάθμη, ἡ. Row: P. and V. τάξις, ἡ, στοῖχος, ὁ, P. στίχος, ὁ. In a line: P. κατὰ στοῖχον. In order: P. and V. ἑξῆς, ἐφεξῆς. Line to mark the winning point: Ar. and V. γραμμή, ἡ. Fishing line: V. ὁρμιά, ἡ. Line of a fishing net: V. κλωστὴρ λίνου. Wrinkle: Ar. and P. ῥυτίς, ἡ. Line of battle: P. and V. τάξις, ἡ, P. παράταξις, ἡ, Ar. and V. στίχες, αἱ. File, row: P. and V. στοῖχος, ὁ. Troops in line of battle: P. φάλαγξ, ἡ. Draw up in line, v.: Ar. and P. παρατάσσειν. In line: of ships, P. μετωπηδόν, opposed to in column, of troops, P. ἐπὶ φάλαγγος (Xen.). Win all along the line: P. νικᾶν διὰ παντός. Break the enemy's line of ships, v.: P. διεκπλεῖν (absol.); see break. Lines of circumvallation: P. περιτείχισμα, τό, περιτειχισμός, ὁ, Line of poetry: Ar. and P. στίχος, ὁ, ἔπος, τό. Line of march: P. and V. ὁδός, ἡ, πορεία, ἡ. Family: P. and V. γένος, τό, V. σπέρμα, τό, ῥίζα, ἡ, ῥίζωμα, τό; see family. Being thus related through the male and not the female line: P. πρὸς ἀνδρῶν ἔχων τὴν συγγένειαν ταύτην καὶ οὐ πρὸς γυναικῶν (Dem. 1084). Line of action: P. προαίρεσις, ἡ. Draw the line, lay down limits, v.: P. and V. ὁρίζειν (absol.). Strike out a new line: Ar. and P. καινοτομεῖν (absol.). The founders must know the lines they wish poets to follow in their myths: P. οἰκισταῖς τοὺς τύπους προσήκει εἰδέναι ἐν οἷς δεῖ μυθολογεῖν τοὺς ποιητάς (Plat., Rep. 379A). It's a pretty scheme and quite in your line: Ar. τὸ πρᾶγμα κομψὸν καὶ σφόδρʼ ἐκ τοῦ σοῦ τρόπου (Thesm. 93). v. trans. Fill, man: P. and V. πληροῦν. Guard: P. and V. φυλάσσειν, φρουρεῖν. Mark, furrow: V. χαράσσειν.